Scally Nike Leather Glove Smoke

Scally Nike Leather Glove Smoke, 2017

00:30:26, ed. 60 (sold out)

Side A: CHAVSCUMBOSS, recorded live at Colour Out Of Space, 2016. Side B: Penmon Point, recorded ay Wysing Arts Centre, 2017.

Cover work by Lisa Cradduck. Released by Chocolate Monk, Brighton.

IMG_7967 (2).jpg

Round that way, 2017

11 x 17cm pp39 ISBN: 978-1-9100553-8-0

Published at part of The Constellation series by Ma Bibliotheque, London 

From back cover: " Round that way is Claire Potter's second published book. It brings together CHAVSCUMBOSS, a poetic experiment in writing while watching the performance of masculinity by the YouTube user of the same name - and a short story, PRESSURE, in which a house fire raises painful heat in the residents of a small northern town.
'Claire Potter's writing is like a wicked eye, scanning behaviours, angles and dimensions. This new work turns line-breaks into a kind of social thought, and beats stories out of the awkward gaps in country, accent, architecture, and flesh. Left stung by its pages, readers will take great pleasure from the extraordinary nervy shapes and voices in this book.' ~ Holly Pester "

No Title Sarah Pierce.jpg

Penmon Point, Penmon, 2017

28 x 21.5cm pp119 ISBN 978-0-9541549-5-0

"No Title was produced to coincide with the opening of Sarah Pierce’s exhibition by the same name. No Title has emerged from a long-term public programme, Our Neighbourhood, working with people with a diagnosis of dementia and their carers in Derry. The project hinged around community and dealt specifically with dementia – as a condition that is both intimate and shared. The publication features commissioned contributions from Claire Potter, Mason Leaver-Yap, Jacob Wren, Karl Holmqvist, and a text by TJ Clark."


Disembodied Voice and The Cassette Tape, 2016

ed. 100

Presented by Maia Conran as part of her residency at Cardiff Contemporary 2016, and an extension of the Disembodied Voice Research Group.

Includes artworks by Maia Conran, Patrick Coyle, Karen Di Franco, Tom Goddard, Kihlberg & Henry, Francesco Pedraglio, Holly Pester and Claire Potter.


Writing as Research, 2016

21 x 30cm, 28pp

Teaching resource commissioned and published by the Learning Department at Tate, London. 


Mental Furniture, 2014

21.5 x 21.5cm, 60pp, ISBN 978-1-909925-04-5

An experimental fiction published by VerySmallKitchen, Hastings.  


Mother To No Swimming Laughing Child, 2015

00:17:09, ed. 100 (sold out)

Five track EP with Bridget Hayden released by FortEvilFruit, Dublin. 


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