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Playhouse (Creep) at ChelseaSPACE

11 May 2018

6.30pm to 8.30pm

This is a free event in the gallery of Chelsea Space and has limited capacity. Booking is essential, please complete the form below. If you can no longer make it, please cancel your booking or email

Claire Potter will present Playhouse (Creep), a restricted reading performance that activates the their sculptural text installation, Playhouse, as part of the exhibition ORGASMIC STREAMING   ORGANIC GARDENING   ELECTROCULTURE.

Potter’s text draws on the cumulative effects of monitoring and the hours spent with one’s senses keenly attuned to the lives of others. Bound up with the materials presented with the installation and performance are those affects, and the labour of intensive listening. The structural binding of bodies — in the most literal sense — of back-to-back housing, provides the framework for narrative fragments that centre on the daily activities of a group of individuals. Aspects of their lives and their material conditions are gradually exposed while the circumstances of the narrator’s position as the compiler of the text is circumscribed by a series of tasks, implemented by the reader themself.

These tasks by turn, impede or restrict Potter’s voicing of the narrative — the imposition implies a failure, not from want of trying, but that in circumstances of confusion or isolation, the body withholds or curtails speech. The material stoppages of the installation — opaque protective plastic dust-sheets, frosted plastic to adhere to glass — also combine to promote obscurity, provoking the question about interpretation, what has been said versus what is heard under the strained conditions of physical separation, and desire for connection.

This event and the exhibition at Chelsea Space is supported by Arts Council England, Chelsea College of Arts and Chelsea Arts Club Trust
Image: Claire Potter, documentation of the installation Playhouse (2018).

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